Make Every Driller the Best Driller

Drilling a well is a complex mix of overwhelming data, tasks in need of constant attention, and high necessary skill levels. As the industry continues its pursuit of safer and more efficient drilling, automation of simple tasks frees drillers to focus on what’s most important.

NOVOS™ is a simple-to-install process-automation platform that helps the driller to step back from the repetitive complexities of machine and process control. The system serves as a link between the two activities in order to ease the burden on the driller, resulting in safer and more efficient well construction. NOVOS, which can be added to an existing rig in as little as 12 hours, provides a common platform for the control, monitoring, scheduling, and optimization of drilling operations. Structuring data and defining activities through process automation enables engineers to develop lessons learned and apply best practices across regions and rig fleets regardless of rig specifications or location.

A constant stream of incoming data and tasks that need attention can threaten to overwhelm the driller. NOVOS eases this burden, resulting in safer and more efficient well construction.

NOVOS comes with applications that immediately allow the rig to drill faster, safer, and more effectively and also has the capability to incorporate customized applications for specific drilling requirements. A unique software development kit allows developers to create and deploy their own optimization applications that use sensor data to control rig machines. Third parties are provided with safe access to a wide variety of functions, within the system, and encouraged to develop applications that address their unique challenges. Those applications can then be layered, prioritized, and partitioned to provide simple flexibility of control and monitoring in ways previously unachievable.

NOVOS is can be implemented in hours and is easy to use. Once active, the driller has a common platform for the control, monitoring, scheduling, and optimization of drilling operations.

NOVOS was recently deployed during a rig move for Precision Drilling. Using the system allowed Precision Drilling to achieve consistent bottom-to-bottom time savings – 10% bottom to slips, 18% add stand, and 67% slips to bottom – which yielded overall time savings per connection of 41%. To evaluate connection time improvements, NOV compared the five best consecutive bottom-to-bottom cycles for conventional drilling against five consecutive cycles of NOVOS-enabled drilling. The reduction in average bottom-to-bottom time from 7.91 to 4.67 minutes using NOVOS clearly demonstrated that Precision Drilling’s performance was increased. Another benefit was increased consistency in executing discrete aspects of the drilling processes, which reduced unpredictability for the rig crew and driller. This increased awareness, safety, and delivery of the overall drilling operation, further highlighting the ability of the system to maximize value for both the contractor and operator.

Having NOVOS at their fingertips enabled Precision Drilling to save overall connection-to-connection time, reduce unpredictability, and increase safety.

Assuming six wells per pad and 20 days of drilling time per well, connection time savings translated to nine hours saved per well and 2.25 days saved per pad, on average, which allowed Precision Drilling to better plan their service delivery, effectively allocate resources, and move more quickly to the next pad. Capital savings, assuming operator costs of USD 50,000 and contractor rates of USD 20,000, exceeded USD 120,000 per pad, with these savings adding up over time to yield higher profits and rates of return on the initial investment. “Process automation is changing how we drill,” notes Vice President, Sales - Rig Technology for Precision Drilling, Duane Cuku, “and is delivering new efficiencies and cost savings. Automated processes allow the driller to focus his attention on the ongoing operation and leading the people working the job. This improves performance and allows us to safely and consistently deliver repeatable results.”

"Process automation is changing how we drill and is delivering new efficiencies and cost savings." - Precision Drilling

While the oilfield has historically been slow to accept change, it is now more critical than ever that digital technology be embraced as the future of the industry. We’re excited to partner with Precision Drilling on this journey and prove that NOVOS is the first step in driving this paradigm shift.