A Coiled Tubing Yard Spooler in action

Yard Spooler

Allows for faster transfer of tubing between spools and power reels with adjustable retention force at high torque

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The yard spooler comes in both nontelescopic and telescopic designs. The telescopic design allows loading and unloading of various sizes of mother spools up to a 105-in. wide, 210-in. flange diameter and tubing up to 2⅞-in. OD. This design also accepts the standard coiled tubing shipping (wooden) or metal spools. Our Hydra Rig™ spooler models are also capable of coiling tubes back to the mother spools directly from injector after operations are completed.

Hydra Rig Product Updates

It is our commitment to continue the technological advancement of the trusted Hydra Rig equipment that has been leading the coiled tubing and snubbing industries for decades. Please contact us for our latest product updates.

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