Low angle of Red Thread IIA Fiberglass Pipe in a ditch

Red Thread IIA Fiberglass Pipe

The first composite pipe to receive UL listed (UL 971) approval for underground fuel handling.

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Our Red Thread™ IIA piping systems are UL-971 listed for all UL-identified applications and fuels, including alcohol and alcohol-gasoline mixtures of either ethanol or methanol up to and including 100%. The piping system is compatible with biodiesel and E85 fuels.

Red Thread IIA Series piping costs 63% less than 2-in. coaxial flexible pipe and 46% less than 1½-in. coaxial flexible pipe. Red Thread IIA Series piping also costs 20% less than Red Thread IIA traditional/parallel layout piping.

30-year warranty

With more than 50 years of proven performance in the marketplace, UL-971 Listed Red Thread IIA pipe, fittings, and adhesive carry a 30-year warranty. The product is warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship and against internal and external corrosion when used for underground transportation of fuels.

Leak prevention

UL-971 bonded sump entry fittings provide a positive seal at the sump, preventing leaking of underground fuel in or out of the sump. Our Bonded Sump Entry Fitting–Termination Style also provides Class I protection, which complies with California’s requirement for continuous interstitial monitoring of the piping systems’ secondary containment.

StationWare 3000

StationWare 3000 is a standalone CAD program that provides a professional-looking station layout drawing and an accurate bill of materials for the site.

Secondary Containment

When secondary containment is needed, Red Thread IIA provides a true pipe-in-a-pipe system. Containment pipe is identical to the primary pipe. Sections are joined together with matching two-piece clamshells that are bonded and bolted together. One-half of the clamshell fitting is prefitted with female-threaded fasteners to make assembly fast and easy from one side of the fitting.

Sump Fittings

  • Bonded Sump Entry
  • Double-Wall Sump Entry
  • Gasketed Sump Entry/Termination
  • UL-971 Sump Fitting

Red Thread IIA Fiberglass Pipe Specifications

Red Thread IIA primary pipe
Size range 2- to 4-in. UL listed
Inner corrosion barrier Resin-rich
Pressure ratings Up to 250 psig
Construction Filament wound with amine-cured epoxy resins and fiberglass roving
Red Thread IIA secondary pipe
Size range 3- to 6-in. UL listed
Inner corrosion barrier Resin-rich
Pressure ratings Up to 50 psig
Temperature range Up to 150 °F (65 °C)
Fittings Threaded and bonded (TAB) or bell and spigot
Chemical service Petroleum products, alcohols, alcohol-gasoline mixtures, ethanol, methanol, MTBE, diesel exhaust fluid
  • Red Thread IIA Data Sheet
  • Red Thread IIA Primary Fittings Data Sheet
  • 30-Year Warranty on Fuel Handling Products Flyer
  • Bonded Sump Entry Fitting Instructions Flyer
  • Split Sump Entry Fitting Instructions Flyer
  • Chemical-Industrial Distribution List
  • Fiberglass Engineering and Piping Design Guide
Above view of Red Thread IIA Fiberglass Pipe in a ditch
Above angled view of Red Thread IIA Fiberglass Pipe in a ditch

50 years of UL-listed piping

With 50 years since the first UL-listed approval, our Red Thread IIA fiberglass pipe and fittings are the most reliable choice for your composite underground fuel handling needs.

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