ION PDC Drill Bit Cutter Technology

Consistent performance through a customized range of cutter grades that are fine-tuned to overcome various application-specific failure modes.

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Our ION™ polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutter technology consistently delivers leading performance due to a process developed by our engineers that allows full understanding of PDC cutter failure modes. An extensive, in-depth cutter-dull analysis for each application and interval allows the right cutter grade to be quickly deployed in specific applications, providing critical data that helps improve the quality and speed at which cutter grades are engineered.

By developing or selecting the right cutter grade for the right application, our ION cutter technology delivers record-breaking performance around the world and improves your drilling economics.

We collaborate with you to provide additional time savings to the performance improvement process regardless of the challenge, whether it be:

  • Overcoming thermal-abrasive wear from shales and abrasive sandstones
  • Impact damage from hard limestone, dolomite, and chert
  • Thermal and breakage (damage) from unavoidable drill bit dynamic dysfunctions, such as stick/slip, lateral vibrations, and whirl

Proven Cutter Performance

In this video, NOV’s Engineering Manager of PDC Development, discusses recent findings from a new study on PDC cutters, including the causes of PDC cutter failure and the variance in impact damage between round cutters and v-shaped cutters in hard rock.

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