• NG-WA Land Based Natural Gas Generator

    Powered by a Waukesha engine and equipped with advanced filtration, The NG-WA is the newest member of our Portable Power natural gas generator fleet.



    The Portable Power NG-WA Natural Gas Generator cuts fuel costs by tapping into your flared gas to power your site. Powered by a Waukesha engine, the NG-WA runs up to 3 times longer between service intervals than traditional generators. Flexible fuel options allow you to keep running during intermittent conditions or when resources are limited, and our advanced filtration technology maximizes performance, even when gas quality is less than optimal.

    When temperatures drop, the NG-WA is ready. Cata-dyne heaters and heat tracing of all breather orifices ensure optimal performance in sub-zero weather. 


    Available in 275kW and 375kW.




    Dual Fuel capable with well gas and propane backup

     Automatically senses when well gas pressure changes, adjusting engine’s timing and primary fuel to propane

    Natural Fuel Supply 

     Fuel cost cut substantially with savings of nearly 40% 

    Remote Monitoring. Telemetry available on all units with options to monitor current inventory

    Eliminates  “double dipping” and down time and allows customers to always know where asset is located for most accurate billing 

    CAT and Waukesha Engines

    Industry leading engine models specifically designed for each customers application. Can take on varying gases up to 2,300 BTU

     Gas Analysis

    Depending on analysis results, de-rating of the unit will occur. NOV can provide an estimated power analysis based on fuel sample to ensure appropriate loads are met.



     Single, dual and three phase well gas separation available

    Automatic dumping of NGL’s and liquids into specified tank by customers

    High volume shut down to protect equipment

    Helical bonded layers allow for a torturous, longer flow path through filter and greater chance for particles to impact fibers.

    Additional Desiccant, Jewel Thompson and H2S sweeteners available for rent or purchase.

    Trailer: (units can come trailered or skid mounted)

     NOV Heavy Duty Trailer With its Heavy Duty, Channel Frame & Tongue Construction

    Featuring high quality tires and wheels as well as the most advanced axle and suspension assemblies available anywhere.

    Full und Tongue, 3,500 lb. Drop Leg Jack Break away kit (With Battery) and 4 Tie Down Points, it's designed to keep you on the jobsite day in, day out.


    2.5 inches of sound attenuation

    Double open doors to allow easy access during service

    Skid mounted unit to easily place on ground or trailer

    Four point lifting on roof of enclosure

    Easy access door panels to open important components

    Made of 12 gauge steel



    Block heater- Cold temperatures place extraordinary demands on engine lubrication, electrical and fuel systems

    Manual louvers- Manual control of temperature via opening and closing of louvers

    Snow hoods- Prevent accumulation of snow on radiator ends and mitigate fan generated noise

    Heat trace – All breather orifices heat traced to ensure no freezing and optimal performance in sub zero weather

    Cata-Dyne heater- models range from 1,250-60,000 BTU/hr and 12-600V300 series. Stainless steel heater box protects against corrosion

    Proprietary Cata-Dyne explosion-proof catalyst pad standard 3/8" NPT gas connections

    Explosion-proof electrical junction box with standard 3/4" NPT connections designed to operate on either natural gas or propane. Does not require electrical power to operate once started

    Heater contains no moving parts and is designed to operate indefinitely and independently when supplied with air and clean fuel

    CSA, FM and CE/ATEX approved for use in Hazardous Locations - EAC marked ANSI Z83.20a- 2010/CSA 2.34ab-2010


    Optional Variable / Automatic Load Bank

    35kW-600kW @ 480V  3Ø 60Hz



    Automatic Loading Operation Function –

    Provides the capability to program a minimum loading of the source. This loading reduces inefficient or unstable operation of the source


    Manual Loading Operation Function


    The Manual Operation allows the operator to directly apply desired load to the source (in minimum increments according to load step resolution):


    Cam Lock Electrical Connections (optional)


    The industry standard for today´s generator cable assemblies, cam connectors (also referred to as camlok, camlock, camloc, cam-lock, cam-loc) are designed to stand up to the physical and environmental abuse while facilitating a simple, yet secure connection method for gensets.

    Various manufacturers produce the cam connectors and they are all inter-connectable with each other, which simplifies field installations and provides added safety.


    Paralleling Synchronization

    NOV parallel operation system incorporates the DSE8810 control module made by DSE. It includes the functions of generator sets control, synchronization control and load distribution.

     It will automatically analyze parameters according to the three-phase wire voltage, frequency of the generator and three-phase wire voltage and frequency signal of other generators to be synchronized. At the same time, this parallel operation system can output a signal to act on the engine speed-controlling system, as well as the voltage regulating system and adjust the rotating rate of the generator sets.

    This makes the phase and the frequency of the voltage signal as close to equal as possible.


    Oil Make Up System

    Eliminates costly frequent manual oil checking and filling

    Proven long-life providing years of reliable service

    Maintains Optimum engine oil level


    EPA Emissions Certifications and Kits:


    Quad J emissions certifications available on select CAT and Waukesha models.

    Adaptive valve learn-software. Continually updates look-up tables for rapid transient response and continued control in Open Loop mode

    At-a-glance on-screen dashboard graphics: LED Driver (COMM Modules) for Power, Alarm & Shutdown, Controller Communication and more

    Comprehensive 44-fault diagnostics. Including continuous oxygen sensor health monitoring Data plotting for easy, accurate troubleshooting

    Alarm and shut-down dry contacts

    Pre-catalyst closed loop, exhaust oxygen feedback control

    Post-catalyst exhaust oxygen feedback; cascade control for fast, real-time adaptation to changing catalyst performance

    Variable set-point for pre-catalyst and post-catalyst exhaust oxygen control – for real-time response to varying engine loads

    Catalyst temperature monitoring to protect the catalyst from engine fueling malfunctions

    One-dimensional open-loop valve positioning, based on engine speed and load maintains compliance even with critical oxygen sensor malfunction

    Drives multiple fuel-metering valves for “V” engine configurations

    Valve Control Options: Full Authority Valve controls all engine fuel via system-controlled butterfly valve. Trim Fuel Valve adds supplemental fuel to the air intake system via system-controlled proportional fuel valve.