• Rope Access Inspection Services

    Tuboscope Specialty Inspection Services provides Rope Access, a safe, reliable and effective technique to reach normally inaccessible areas.


    • Rope Access is more versatile than gondolas or cranes, more efficient than scaffolding and can eliminate unnecessary downtime.
    • Rapid installation and dismantling with minimal environmental impact.
    • Cost effective solution to working at height due to the time saved.
    • Our highly skilled Rope Access technicians can access the worksite safely and undertake the work required, thus providing a single contact point for clients.
    • Equipment can be easily transported, a typical 3 man set weighs less than 30kg.  

    Rope Access inspection is performed by skilled IRATA trained technicians under the direct  supervision of an IRATA level 3 supervisor. Tuboscope Specialty Inspection Services, Singapore, is an Operator Member of IRATA, a global trade association of member only rope access companies. All operations are performed under IRATA International Code of Practice.

    The Rope Access worker is permanently attached to a double protection system consisting of two independent anchored ropes, one a working rope, the other a back-up "safety" rope. In the unlikely event of one rope failing, becoming damaged, or unusable, the safety rope will prevent the technicians from falling.

    Equipment is regularly maintained and inspected by SIS company specialists

    Our experienced Rope Access Inspectors are qualified in conventional NDT techniques such as:

    • Magnetic Particle Inspection
    • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
    • Ultrasonic Inspection
    • Radiography Inspection
    • Eddy Current Inspection
    • Hardness testing
    • Close-up video inspection
    • Welding Inspection
    • Positive material Identification

    SIS also specializes in Load testing up to 200 tons (T). 

    SIS is accredited by the major IACS classification societies such as ABS, DNV & Lloyds Register to carry out Hull thickness gauging.

    In conjunction with the world’s largest drilling contractor, SIS has jointly pioneered the development and implementation, of Dropped Object Surveys (DROPS).  Today, SIS continues to be the worldwide market leader in carrying out DROPS surveys for all of the Major Oil and Gas drilling companies.

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