• Vendor Surveillance

    Tuboscope China Vendor Surveillance will dispatch qualified representatives and technical specialists to conduct audits and or monitor client project activities at vendors and mill sites. Main commodities for Tubular Inspections include OCTG Casing, Line Pipe, Threading, Flange, Fitting, Valves, Wellhead and Down Hole equipment.

    OCTG services

    • Mill Auditing and Mill Surveillance
    • Review of vendor personnel qualification records
    • In-process surveillance
    • Witness of factory acceptance test, run test, hydrostatic tests
    • Verification of product traceability
    • Document review of materials
    • Final verification of finished products
    • Verification of packaging and marking
    • Witness loading and offloading activities
    • Report system verifies and report status and activities related to agreed assignment.
    • Detailed surveillance reports ensure that all activities are properly monitored for compliance during manufacturing, inspection and testing.

    Industrial Inspection

    We also perform inspections of heavy steel structures such as of Oil Derrick/Rigs, Rig Equipment, Cranes, Modular, Bridge structures and Pressure Piping fabrication. Our technicians help ensure compliance of client’s products by continuous monitoring to verify the fabricator follows and complies with the required specifications and contract documents.  Our experienced technicians are issued calibrated measuring tools and portable NDT equipment to perform inspections and verification checks onsite.

    Services include:

    • Incoming material receiving and document review.
    • Mechanical and performance tests of received material.
    • Cutting and Traceability verification of material.
    • Survey Team to verify fit-up and dimensional checks.
    • Monitor onsite and outside vendor fabrication activities.
    • Welding inspection and Nondestructive testing.
    • NACE coating and QA/QC final inspections.
    • Electrical and instrument verification and inspection.
    • ASME pressure vessel equipment inspections.
    • Verification of packing, marking and expediting services.
    • Vessel unloads and load surveillance.
    • Project Management and Quality Management service capabilities.