• Mill-NDT Inspection Systems

    Designed and Engineered for Performance

    Tuboscope has been the industry leader in inspection technology for over 75 years, and remains the premier provider of Tube, Pipe Mill and End Finisher Inspection Equipment. Our inspection equipment can be found in over 200 major steel mills and processors worldwide. 

    We not only design and manufacture our own equipment; we use the same inspection equipment in our global facilities.

    Our full turnkey package is designed and fabricated to meet today's rigorous inspection standards.

    • High Speed Ultrasonic (UT) and Electromagnetic (EMI)
    • Single Reporting
    • Product Traceability

    EMI - Amalog™, Sonoscope™

    UT - Truscope™, Truscan™

    Wall Measurement - Truwall™

    Increasing production and profitability with reliable performance

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