• Zap-Lok Coating Advantages

    External Coatings

    When working in corrosive environments, extra care must be taken to prevent potential holidays from developing in the protective coating layer.

    Without the welding requirements of exposed bare steel and high-heat, Zap-Lok connections allow for a continuous coating layer free from a heat-affected weld zone.


    • Eliminates potential damage due to high-heat exposure
    • Enables a margin-of-safety on coated connections
    • No shrink sleeves or field-joint-coatings
    • Reduces handling and preparation-induced coating damage


    Internal Coatings

    Zap-Lok connections increase coating integrity without sacrificing our mission of simplifying pipeline construction. With Zap-Lok, every length of pipe is manufactured to allow a 100% continuous coating layer by creating an overlapping, dual-layered coating section.

    This process ensures a high margin-of-safety and can still be completed at rates over 1,000 ft. per hour in the field.


    • Maintains a 100% continuous coating layer
    • No added procedures or field preparation
    • Significant time savings over alternatives
    • Perfect for high-pressure CO2 & injection systems