• TruMap™

    With our unique inspection technology, we provide you the actual values needed to optimize your drilling, casing, landing strings and pipeline projects.

    Our proprietary ultrasonic (UT) and laser technology delivers accurate wall thickness values combined with precise outside diameter and length measurements.


    TruMap provides actual

    • Wall thickness values
    • Outside diameter
    • Internal diameter
    • Ovality
    • Internal Volume Value
    • Calculated pipe weight and length


    • Enhanced burst, collapse, load capacity and tensile variables
    • Improved liner hanger data for setting I.D. information
    • Complete O.D. measurement for radial clearances
    • Wall thickness benchmark for downhole logging/survey tools
    • Individual joint identification for strategic placement
    • Calculated string weight for peak performance
    • Maximum safe over-pull calculation
    • Greater control of casing string cementing fluid volumes