• TCS-Titanium

    The most durable, crack free, casing friendly hardband available worldwide.  New testing that simulates today's challenging drilling environments proves that TCS™-Titanium out performs all other crack free hardband materials in durability and casing wear protection.  Like all TCS Products, TCS-Titanium exhibits unlimited field reapplication capabilities over other TCS products and select competitive products without removal of existing hardbanding.


    Tuboscope TCS-Titanium is a martensitic chrome-titanium carbide alloy with molybdenum. This popular hardbanding choice features high-stress abrasion resistance and the ability to resist cracking and spalling.

    TCS-Titanium is manufactured as a self-shielding, flux-cored, 2.4mm open arc welding wire. 


    • Very dense and uniform grain structure
    • Tolerant to variations in pre- and post-temperatures
    • >56 Rc (undiluted weld metal hardness)
    • Control single pass application
    • Removal of previously applied TCS Titanium not required
    • Can be repaired in remote locations
    • Flux residues are minimal
    • Total overlay integrity with tool joint
    • Extremely low coefficient of friction
    • Very high stress abrasion resistance
    • Impact resistant
    • Cracking and spalling resistant
    • No shielding gas required
    • Casing-friendly hardbanding