TracPLATES – get the true story behind the numbers

    TracPLATES are tag plates with RFID trasponders embedded. The transponders can also be fitted to existing plates.

    With a unique tag ID, reliable information regarding asset documentation, location and service history can be attributed to individual pieces of equipment. This improves both process quality and safety.


    What is TracPLATES?

    The term “Intelligent tagging” is often used when electronic identification technology is applied to assets and/or resources in addition to the more common physical identification tags. This comprises intelligent tagging implemented through the use of RFID transponders attached to all kinds of equipment which have a unique ID and can be read electronically by handheld or fixed readers.

    TracPLATES™ from TracID offer the power of electronically readable RFID transponders directly integrated into conventional tag plates or as retro-fit solutions for existing metal tag plates.

    TracID captures the correct mapping between electronic ID and physical tag ID. The ID-mappings are stored in a database which is delivered to the customer as part of the service provided by TracPLATES.

    TracPLATES offer the potential to connect reliable information directly to each individual component and use this information within operations to improve processes and safety.