• AutoTally

    AutoTally™ utilizes RFID technology, cutting-edge information technology, and advanced software to create a 100% accurate drillstring tally in real time. This revolutionary technology captures and stores usage data, such as position in tally, rotating hours, number of rotations, and hours in well for each tagged string component during every tally operation. The system can be integrated into many types of drilling rigs, making it a feasible option for nearly every customer.

    The well center antenna is lowered through the rotary table from above, providing a safe installation by avoiding hoisting from below the rig floor. Once installed, the antenna is hidden from view to prevent day-to-day rig floor operation interference.

    AutoTally is part of the TracID™ Lifecycle Management program. Click here to view the program and its entire services portfolio. 


    TracTag – Proven RFID tag durability
    Used for more than 10 years in downhole applications, TracTag™ masters the most demanding conditions and is recognized and accepted by central players in the drilling industry. The RFID transponder can be embedded in any drillstring component. The tag is read when it passes through the rotary table antenna. The tubular is designed to withstand most well conditions, including g-forces, well temperatures, vibrations, and pressures.

    The antenna is placed under the rotary table without interfering with ongoing drilling operations and is designed to overcome interference, such as mud and other fluids. 

    AutoTally server
    The RFID readings are transmitted from the antenna to the AutoTally HMI (touchscreen display). AutoTally performs all calculations and storage of tally and usage data. The driller will access the system through a dedicated user interface.

    Untagged equipment
    Based on block movement, hook load, and RFID events, the AutoTally system will detect sections of untagged string components and automatically add placeholders for them in the tally. Through the user interface, the user can edit these untagged string components as well as manually add untagged string components, such as the BHA, to the tally as needed. 

    Joined for life
    Once the TracTag has been mounted to the equipment, the tag will follow the equipment’s lifecycle. The TracTag has been fully tested and validated through field trials and continued operations. TracTag is EX-certified. 

    Optimal asset management
    Grant Prideco™ manufacturing data and Tuboscope inspection data combined with AutoTally usage history enables optimal asset management for each drillstring component throughout its life cycle.

    Low maintenance
    AutoTally is set up for remote configurations, administration, maintenance, and support.


    • Drillstring inventory control
    • Used in conjunction with Tuboscope’s TruData™ software, AutoTally provides a complete history of any tagged string component 
    • Eliminates tally errors
    • Updates tally in real-time
    • Captures tally history
    • 100% correct drill bit depth

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