• eVolve Optimization Service

    The BlackStream™ along-string measurement (ASM) tool received a 2016 World Oil Award for “Best Data Management & Application Solution.” Our BlackStream ASM tools were most recently redeployed in a North Sea operation, providing streaming visualization of downhole data as part of a major automation project.



    NOV offers advanced optimization and automation services to enhance drilling operations and increase cost-effectiveness throughout your drilling campaign. Our eVolve™ Optimization Service equips your existing rigs, rig crews, and engineers with an advanced toolkit that delivers performance, allows improved real-time decision making, and provides analytics capability.

    Continuous improvement is the foundation of our optimization process. We follow a four-phase approach to enhance your drilling performance throughout the project life cycle: analyze, plan, execute, and evaluate. 

    We begin by critically reviewing key performance indicators and drilling data to understand how to improve drilling system performance. We analyze data to identify risk and opportunity. We then build a strategy to deliver on your performance objectives. Using offset well benchmarks, we develop a drilling plan, assist in BHA design, and create drilling parameter roadmaps, all supported by our suite of performance optimization software. After mobilizing our tools and systems to your rig, we execute the plan, incorporating enhanced data acquisition tools. Through the 24/7 support of our Real-Time Technology Center (RTTC), we continuously evaluate the drilling operation and make effective recommendations that drive performance. 

    Our eVolve Optimization Service offers tiered, customizable solutions that can be combined for powerful results, enhanced by a team of drilling analysts at our RTTC. We support your operations 24/7 with trend analyses, daily reporting, and prompt recommendations to ensure superior performance. 
    Additional case histories can be found here.
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      eVolve: INFORM

      Increase your drilling performance with 24/7 remote optimization and enhanced data analytics

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      eVolve: ADVISE

      Full optimization analysis with BHA design and post-well analysis derived from combined surface and downhole memory-mode measurements

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      eVolve: CONTROL

      Drilling automation with surface data-driven control applications to improve the execution phase of your drilling operations and further drive performance

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      eVolve: AUTOMATE

      Enhanced drilling automation through patented, closed-loop control improves performance and generates real-time analytics that support informed drilling decisions

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      BlackBox Tools and Optimized Solutions

      Access high-frequency, downhole dynamics data to optimize your drilling performance 

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      BlackStream Tools and Automation Solutions

      Accurate downhole measurements to optimize your drilling performance

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