• TQ150 and TQ175 Orientation Modules

    The TQ150 and TQ175 Directional Sensors offer a direct drop-in replacement orientation module for Tensor™* QDT MWD systems. Three high-quality quartz hinge accelerometers and a proprietary fluxgate magnetometer set combined with power conditioning & drive circuitry to provide stable and reliable sensor outputs.

    Communications protocols and tool interfaces all conform to Original Equipment Manufactuer’s (OEM’s) format making for a simple, straightforward replacement for the Tensor™* QDT MWD system. 

    *Tensor is a trademark of General Electric Company in the United States and/or other countries 

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    Inclination Range: 0° to 180°
    Inclination Accuracy: ±0.1°
    Azimuth: ±0.75° (Inc > 10° Dip< 70°)
    Tool Face(Gravity): ±1.0° (Inc > 5° Dip<70°)
    Operating Temperature: 40°C to 150°C or 0° to 175°C
    Calibrated Op Range: 0°C to 150°C or 0° to 175°C
    Voltage Supply: ±-13V or 18 to 40V
    Parameters Sampled: Gy,Gx,Gz,Bx,By,Bz,Gtot,DipTemp,Vibration,Rotation
    Digital Interface: RS 232,I2C, SPI
    Shock Qualification: 500G 1 ms on three axes 5000 impacts per axis
    Random Vibration: 27.5G for 10 minutes on each of the three axes
    Instrument Lengths: 29”(736.6 mm)
    Instrument Diameters: 12”(304.8 mm)  

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