• Custom Orientation Modules

    NOV’s Custom Orientation Modules offer clients a unique flexibility in meeting their MWD sensor pack requirements. From a basic analogue sensor measuring the earth’s gravity and magnetic fields, to models which provide on-board calibration data for inclusion into customers’ processor units. We also offer intelligent survey packages providing real-time fully-corrected directional, rpm and vibration monitoring. Our Custom Orientation and Directional Modules are designed to meet the needs of almost of any borehole MWD system.

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    • Modular design offers ultimate flexibility
    • Minimum length of 12” (304 mm) x 1.04” (26.4 mm) instrument O.D. suits slimhole and short radius work
    • Customizable mechanical interface
    • High reliability reduces operating costs
    • High temperature capability (150°C or 175°C options)
    • Superior accuracy and stability under vibration and temperature
    • Standard serial peripheral interface provides multi-sensor option that can be used for verification and/or sensor redundancy purposes



    The DMU is available with a choice of accelerometer sets: quartz hinge for high accuracy, industry standard MWD sensors and silicon for low temperature steering and multishot survey duty

    Additional Functionality

    With integral processing capability, the DMU offers additional measurement capability including real-time RPM and vibration monitoring for drilling optimization and workshop maintenance scheduling.



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