• Video Resources

    Wired Drill Pipe (WDP) has been used to drill over 130 wells faster and more efficiently. Watch the brief videos below to better understand our product and technology. A description of each video can be found below the video icons.

    Video Descriptions

    1. Wiring Process: This animation explains the wiring process beginning at the IntelliCoil located in the secondary shoulders of the pin and box end and traveling through the pipe body showing the placement of the DataCable.

    2. IntelliServ2 Network: Based on the experience and knowledge gained on over 130 wells, IntelliServ released the IntelliServ2 Network, a second generation of Wired Drill Pipe technology. Each component has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a more reliable, robust, and durable network.

    3. Drill Faster: Wired Drill Pipe enables real-time, bi-directional data which significantly reduces time spend drilling. This animation illustrates the time savings enabled by Wired Drill Pipe.

    4. Dual Integrated Reamers Activated with Wired Drill Pipe: Wired Drill Pipe telemetry saved an operator in the North Sea 3 minutes per downlink and 3 minutes per reamer activation and deactivation. Activating and controlling the integrated dual reamers with WDP telemetry is a world's first!

    5. Wired Drill Pipe Supply Channels: This animations explains the purchasing options for Wired Drill Pipe including who operates the telemetry and how Wired Drill Pipe is operated and maintained.