• TurboTorque-M™ (TT-M™) Connection 


    Grant Prideco™’s eXtreme® Torque Metal Seal (XT-M™) has been the industry standard for applications demanding a gas-tight connection. XT-M has been used in the most challenging UBD wells, for high pressure frac jobs, on riser pipe for well intervention operations & other pressure sensitive operations. Now, Grant Prideco is introducing a new line of gas tight connections which will enable you to drill deeper and faster with higher internal pressure ratings than before. In addition TurboTorque-M™ (TT-M™) brings about a step change in running speeds and ease of use for drill pipe risers.

    Using the same design methodology as for TurboTorque™, TurboTorque-M connections have been designed as a “family” of connections so that each size of connection can be tailored to its application. All TurboTorque-M connections feature a proprietary double-start thread form which reduces revolutions from stab to make up by at least 50% cutting drilling times and costs. Put simply, TurboTorque-M improves in performance over XT-M while running as fast as or faster than API connections. Torque capacity, hydraulics and fishibility have all been optimized to suit todays demanding applications.

    TurboTorque-M connections have been thoroughly engineered. They have also undergone a stringent testing program to validate their performance ratings and design. The gas pressure ratings were verified by pressure testing under combined load conditions. Use of TurboTorque-M connections will allow for:

    Highest Gas Pressure Rating

    Saves Time, Cuts Cost

    Drill Deeper, Step Out Further

    Niche Applications



    All TurboTorque-M™ connections are rated gas tight both internally and externally. As a result of 2 years of design and testing the metal-to-metal seal has been rated to 10,000psi external and 20,000psi of internal gas pressure. The pressure ratings hold under the most extreme load conditions.



    As with TurboTorque™ the TurboTorque-M connection has a double-start thread. The two threads forms 180 degrees apart reduce the turns from stab to make up by at least 50%. The increased thread lead angle increased torque capacity by up to 12%.

    Double-Start Thread and Metal-to-Metal Seal



    Standard drill pipe tool joints are made of steel with specified minimum yield strength of 120,000 psi (120 ksi SMYS). Similar to TurboTorque, TurboTorque-M connections are engineered specifically for use with 130 ksi SMYS material.



    TurboTorque-M uses the same dual radius thread form found on TurboTorque. The dual radius thread root increases the fatigue resistance of the connection extending fatigue life and reducing risk.

    Thread Form Comparison





    Following the success of the XT-M69 connection in use on drill pipe risers, the TurboTorque-M 690has been designed for our next generation of drill pipe risers. Grant Prideco® drill pipe intervention risers can be run using conventional rig equipment. In addition TurboTorque-M690 has been designed to make up in just 3 turns. This makes the TurboTorque-M690 intervention riser the fastest running intervention riser in the industry. Coupled with 20,000 psi internal pressure rating and a 5-1/2-in ID, the TurboTorque-M690 drill pipe riser is unrivaled in ease of use, pressure rating and load capacity, drift diameter and fatigue resistance. The robust TurboTorque-M690 connection is rugged enough to withstand multiple make-up and break-outs without experiencing any galling or other damage. Pressure integrity is maintained even after 100 make-up and break out cycles.



    With 20,000psi internal and 10,000 psi external gas pressure rating, there is no safer alternative for drill stem testing or high pressure frack jobs.



    Grant Prideco is the industry leader in manufacturing gas tight UBD drill strings. Without a single reported leak in over 5 years of UBD operations using XT-M, Grant Prideco sets the benchmark in UBD drill strings. Now TurboTorque-M brings a step change improvement to your UBD operations while still offering the same robust gas tight seal and increased pressure rating.  


    TurboTorque-M™ Mechanical Characteristics

    TurboTorque-M™ Performance Comparison

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