• Pup Joints


    • Grant Prideco pup joints are manufactured from the same material as our drill collars. Heat-treatment processes ensure a hardness range of 285-341 Brinell. Charpy V minimum impact strength of 40 ft-lb at 70┬░ F are guaranteed one inch below the surface.
    • Grant Prideco┬áintegral drill pipe pups are heat treated to 120,000 psi minimum yield. Integral pups have the same tensile and torsional rating of S-135 drill pipe with the same pin ID. All connections are phosphate-coated to improve resistance to galling.
    • Standard lengths are 5 ft, 10 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft. Additional sizes are available upon request.
    • Same-size pup joints 10 ft and longer can be produced as welded assemblies.