• Standard Heavy Weight Drill Pipe


    Standard Heavyweight Drill Pipe (HWDP), was developed to provide a gradual transition from heavy drill collars to relatively lightweight drill pipe.  This intermediate weight pipe has a wall thickness of approximately one inch, and helps prevent stress concentration at the top of drill collars.  HWDP also allows drilling at higher RPMs, reducing torque and differential pressure sticking.  

    HWDP is well-suited for directional drilling.  Because it bends easily, it simplifies directional control and minimizes connection fatigue problems common to high-angle or horizontal drilling. 

    For extended reach and horizontal wells, especially in wells where the total vertical depth to total measured depth ratio is low, high strength heavyweight drill pipe is often used high in the hole to apply weight on the bit.

    Various combinations of HWDP, drill collars and standard drill string components can be created to meet the challenges of severe drilling conditions.  


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