• Make and Break


    Make and Break Advantages

    Our drill pipe services are designed to deliver consistency and rig time savings. Factory break-in of drill pipe ensures that the proper procedures are followed every time. Controlled break-in procedures are consistently applied to every tool joint. This eliminates the field variables and operational "rush" that cause rig crews to take short cuts or cancel the break-in procedure altogether. Because the drill pipe break-in is performed consistently and correctly every time, it saves money in both materials and rig rime.

    The curve in the accompanying figure demonstrates the potential rig-time savings of factory break-in. Eliminating rig-site break-in saves approximately 9 1/2 minutes per 30-ft length of pipe, depending on the daily rig rate the cumulative cost savings can be significant.

    Initial Make-up

    Proper initial make-up is probably the most important factor affecting the life of the tool joint connections. Here are some recommendations to follow:

    • Proper make-up torque is determined by the connection type, size, OD and ID and may be found in torque tables.
    • Make-up connections slowly, preferably using chain tongs. (High speed kelly spinners or the spinning chain used on initial make-up can cause galling of the threads.)
    • Tong them up to the predetermined torque using a properly working calibrated torque gauge to measure the required line-pull.
    • Breakout, clean, visually inspect, redope and (repeat 1-3). Always use the backup tongs to make and break connections.
    • Stagger breaks on each trip so that each connection can be checked, redoped and made up every second or third trip, depending on the length of drill pipe and size rig.


    • A new string of drill pipe deserves good surface, handling equipment and tools. Check slips and master bushings before damage occurs to the tube.
    • Do not stop the downward movement of the drill stem with the slips. This can cause crushing or necking down of the drill pipe tube. The drill pipe can also be damaged by allowing the slips to ride on the pipe during trips out of the hole.
    • Always use back-up tongs to make and break connections and rotate breaks when tripping.
    • Good rig practices will help eliminate time consuming trips in the future, looking for washouts or fishing for drill pipe lost in the hole.

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