• Hardfacing Options


    SmoothEdge® Tool Joints 

    Grant Prideco’s SmoothEdge® tool joints provide a sacrificial wear pad for the installation of tool joint hardbanding. SmoothEdge is available for both pin and box tool joint hardbanding applications, and is width and height adjustable to allow for customer-specific hardbanding applications. Use of SmoothEdge tool joints and casing-friendly hardbanding extends the life of the tool joint,reduces torque and drag operating loads and significantly reduces casing wear. 

    Reduced Risk to Downhole Pressure-Sensitive Components

    Often, the leading edge of proud hardbanding applications can be sharp or jagged, increasing wear or damage to various downhole components. Grant Prideco’s SmoothEdge tool joint provides a base material with a radius as the leading edge to the hardbanding material. The radius reduces wear and tear to items such as seals within rotating heads and other items whose pressure integrity are critical, especially within pressure-critical operations such as underbalanced drilling (UBD) and managed pressure drilling (MPD). 

    Improved Hardbanding Integrity

    Initial Application – Proud hardbanding applications ideally maintain higher weld bead heights than other applications. The significant amount of bead deposit required to achieve these levels often makes the initial application of casing-friendly hardbanding susceptible to flaking and spalling. Grant Prideco’s SmoothEdge tool joint provides an expendable wear pad allowing a more controlled weld bead deposit while maintaining proud application heights desired to protect the tool joint from wear.

    Hardfacing Options Protect Your Tool Joints 

    SMOOTHX® - A patented hardfacing of submerged spherical tungsten carbide granules in a mild steel matrix. 

    In addition, Grant Prideco can provide a custom engineered hardfacing system to meet requirements you specify.


    TCS® Hardbanding - TCS-8000® and TCS® Titaninum.

    With drilling costs on the rise, protecting your investment in drill pipe and casing is more important than ever.  Tuboscope’s original hardbanding alloy, TCS-8000® is specifically designed and formulated to protect casing.  The overlay is visually crack free and can withstand multiple reapplications. 

    TCS® Titanium is formulated to provide high stress abrasion resistance along with unmatched resistance to cracking and spalling.  Titanium carbides on their own are approximately 40% harder than tungsten carbide.  The TCS Titanium microstructure exhibits smooth, round particles, which help to prevent galling on metal-to-metal contact.  This combination gives a superb balance between abrasion and crack sensitivity which results in both reduced tool joint wear and casing wear.  


    Drill Collar Hardfacing 

    Other Commercially Available Hardfacings:

    • TCS Hardbanding 
    • Grant Prideco can provide other commercially available hardbanding. Contact your Grant Prideco representative


    SMOOTHX® Hardfacing 

    SMOOTHX was developed to minimize tool joint wear.

    Five bands of the SMOOTHX are applied around the tool joint, covering approximately 3 1/2 to 4 inches of length. Three "fingers" of SMOOTHX are applied to the elevator shoulders to prevent wear and undercutting adjacent to the last band of hardfacing. Without these fingers, the elevator shoulder could erode, shortening the tool joint's life.

    SMOOTHX is applied in a machined groove on the tool joint by dropping a measured quantity of spherical shaped, sintered, 30-14 mesh, tungsten carbide granules into a molten puddle formed by welding wire. The granules sink into the molten weld metal and leave a smooth surface that has little or no exposed tungsten carbide. The resulting matrix has an increasing density of tungsten carbide from the surface to the bottom of the deposit.


    SUPERSMOOTHX® Hardfacing with a "Machine-Finish" Surface 

    SUPERSMOOTHX was developed to meet the surface finish requirements of many North Sea operators.

    SUPERSMOOTHX is composed of an initial layer of SMOOTHX applied in slightly deeper pre-machined grooves. A second layer of mild steel is then deposited on the top. The mild steel overlay is then machined to produce the same diameter and surface finish as the GD of the tool joint. The "machined" finish minimizes contact stress.

    SUPERSMOOTHX meets the toughest surface finish requirements in the industry.


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