• eXtreme™ Torque-M™ (XT-M™) Connection


    The patented XT-M™ connection is the industry’s first gas-tight, pressure-rated rotary-shouldered connection. An eXtreme™ Torque connection with a radial metal-to-metal pressure seal, XT-M provides torsional strength comparable to XT™ connections combined with a gas-tight pressure sealing capability.


    The gas-tight seal is generated by radial interference, reducing the effects of tensile load. Capable of resisting high-pressure liquids and gas, the seal integrity is not affected by multiple trips.

    All sizes of the XT-M™ connections are pressure rated at 15,000 psi internal and 10,000 psi external.

    XT-M drill strings can be used for drill stem testing (DST) operations, high-pressure workover and completion operations, and underbalanced drilling operations. An XT-M drill string eliminates the need for a separate work string, which saves time, money and rig space.

    XT-M connections are not interchangeable with any other rotary-shouldered connection, including XT connections.


    eXtreme™ Torque-M™ Mechanical Characteristics

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