• MaXit™ Connection

    Our largest internal diameter for maximum drift in completion and intervention operations. More Info



    At times, it is necessary to connect from a floating rig to a deepwater subsea wellhead and use a conduit to retrieve the crown plug, send instrumentation downhole and/or to perform well testing. Conventional large OD risers are common but can be bulky and slow to run. Some opt for an intervention and completion string for (1) its compatibility with conventional drill pipe handling equipment, (2) its speed of make-up and running and, (3) its ruggedness and resistance to a high number of make-and-breaks. Our intervention and completion strings feature a near flush internal diameter, a maximized bore and are designed to provide maximum opening.

    Our new Large OD product line allows building 7-5/8” OD intervention and completion strings and increases potential drift further than has been available with 6-5/8” pipe.

    The MaXit™ connection was developed specifically for large OD intervention strings. It is a  gas-tight, double shoulder connection with an inside diameter (ID) up to 6 ¼”. It offers controlled make-up torque (MUT) to be rig friendly and features a fatigue-resistant thread form. See Features/Benefits below for more specifications.


    • Double shoulder connection
    • Fatigue-resistant, single-start thread form
    • Designed for 130 KSI yield strength material
    • Radial metal-to-metal gas-tight seal
      • 20KSI internal
      • 10KSI external
    • MaXit 807 comes with a 9 ¾" OD and a 6 ¼" ID for maximum drift and a controlled maximum make-up torque (MUT) of 97,900 ft-lbs.