• eXtreme™ Load (CT-M™) Connection


    The patented CT-M™ connection is a high-performance version of XT-M™, the industry’s first gas-tight, pressure-rated rotary shouldered connection.  The CT-M connection features the same radial metal-to-metal internal pressure seal for gas-tight pressure sealing capability and a shortened counterbore for greater structural integrity under high combined load conditions.

    The internal metal seal is generated by radial interference, reducing the effects of tensile load. Capable of resisting high-pressure liquids and gas, the seal integrity is not affected by multiple trips.


    CT-M™ connections are available for 4-1/2” and 5-7/8” sizes.  The CT-M43 connection is pressure rated at 15,000 psi internal and 10,000 psi external.

    CT-M57 was developed as a project specific design high–pressure completion tubular for a GOM operator.  It incorporates ultra-high strength tool joints, 135 ksi, and was tested under combined load.  Load conditions were determined by the project requirements and included absolute pressure up to 29,000psi and compression exceeding 200,000 pounds.  

    CT-M connections are not interchangeable with any other rotary-shouldered connection.

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