• Delta™

    Our philosophy has always been simple: create the best performing products on the market – products that our customers can count on.

    Our rotary-shouldered connection products have enabled the industry to drill farther, faster and less expensive than ever before. However, performance is no longer the sole driver; customers want products that deliver performance, efficiency and economy.

    Grant Prideco™ is proud to introduce Delta. The extensive development and testing of this connection focused specifically on our customer’s interactions with our products. Our goal was to create a high-performance product that is easier to run, robust, and more forgiving. It is the most balanced connection we have ever put to market, and its proprietary features reduce your total cost of ownership.

    We recognized that there was a void in the market for a product that offered high performance without sacrificing cost savings. Our goal was to create a connection that performs at a high level, is easy to use, and has a lower total cost of ownership than other products on the market.

    With the Grant Prideco Delta connection, you no longer have to compromise.



    Balanced Thread Form
    The thread form and overall geometry of this connection have been designed to achieve optimum performance.

    High Strength Tool Joints
    Delta is designed to be threaded on 130 ksi Specified Minimum Yield Strength material.

    Operational Envelope Comparable to XT™
    The Delta connection offers torque comparable to or higher than that provided by the XT connection. This allows for use of streamlined tool joints and improved hydraulic performance.

    Better Fatigue Resistance
    Through design optimization and balancing of stresses, we have further improved the fatigue resistance of our products. Delta provides better fatigue resistance than XT connections, which can result in an increased product life.


    Ease of Use

    Faster Makeup
    Delta has significantly fewer turns from stab to makeup than comparable XT connections. This saves time and reduces the amount of wear on threads.

    Deeper Stabbing
    There are more threads engaged at stab, which minimizes stabbing damage because the stress on the connection is more evenly distributed.

    No Stabbing Guide
    Delta does not require the use of stabbing guides, making it easier to handle on the rig.

    Tong Gripping
    The minimum required gripping distance from the box face has been reduced to improve ease of use on the rig floor.


    Total cost of ownership

    Reduced Repair Frequency
    Repairs are expensive and time consuming. The field inspection tolerances for Delta have been widened without compromising performance, so you do not have to send the pipe in for repairs as often. This reduces downtime and saves you money.

    More Refacing
    The refacing amount for Delta was increased by 50%. More refaces can take place before a recut of the connection is needed, which saves you money and results in a longer usable life for the product.

    Less Recut Loss
    There is less material loss on recuts, which allows for more recuts before needing to replace the string. The tong gripping distance has also been reduced, allowing more room for recut without adversely impacting performance.

    Delta™ Drill Pipe Configurations Table

    Pipe OD (in)  Nominal Weight (lb/ft)  Grade  Connection  Tool Joint OD (in)  Tool Joint ID (in)  Recommended MUT (ft-lb)  
    3.50013.30S135Delta 3774.7502.56319,500
    4.00014.00S135Delta 3914.8752.68821,400
    4.50016.60S135Delta 4255.2503.00026,000
    4.50016.60S135Delta 4946.2503.25047,800
    5.00019.50S135Delta 5276.5003.75049,800
    5.50021.90S135Delta 5767.0004.25059,200
    5.50021.90S135Delta 5446.6254.00050,300
    5.87523.40S135Delta 5767.0004.25059,200
    6.62527.70S135Delta 6638.0005.00086,600
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