• Tubing Anchor


    The Coiled Tubing Anchor provides a fixed anchor point within the tubing to assist in the performance of other coiled tubing downhole tools. The Coiled Tubing Anchor also can be supplied in a double unit for increased holding forces.


    The Coiled Tubing Anchor is a flow activated tool. Increasing the flow at surface generates a back pressure at the tool. This back pressure activates the slip mechanism and the slips are set against the tubing wall. Once set, the anchor can withstand large axial loads, subject to the tool size and application.


    The Anchor can be re-set at another location within the tubing string by reducing coiled tubing pressure. The slips are then able to retract away from the tubing wall and release the toolstring. Once the toolstring has been moved to a new location the slips can again be set with the application of pressure. This operation can be repeated as many times as required in a single deployment.



    Typical CT operations that could benefit from the Coiled Tubing Anchor are:

    • Completion Tubing Cutting where coil motors need to be stationary for knives to be effective.
    • Production Logging Surveys to hold coiled tubing deployed survey tools rigidly and to dampen vibration caused by high production flow rates.
    • Accurate spotting of well treatments where changes in flow pressures can cause the end of coiled tubing to move significantly. 


    When ordering Tubing Anchors please specify:

    • Size
    • Thread connection 

    For specific size availability please refer to NOV.