• Deployment System


    The Deployment System is an application workstring used where the toolstring length exceeds the capacity of the lubricator section. By using a Deployment System the BHA deployment can be staggered.

    The Deployment System is a combination of three components, a Deployment Bar, a Dual Ball Kelly Cock Valve  and a CARSAC HT.

    The diameter of the waisted section of the Deployment bar is matched to the size of coiled tubing being used and retains full bore flow through.

    Closing the ball valves in the Kelly Cock Valve gives a double barrier to the wellbore.

    The CARSAC connector allows connection with the upper tool string without the need to rotate the work string.

    As rotation of either BHA section is not possible, the 'stab-in' feature of the CARSAC HT is vital. The Coiled Tubing Deployment Bar System is available to suit most applications and configurations of coiled tubing pipe rams.




    By running a combination of a Deployment Bar, a Dual Ball Kelly Cock Valve and a CARSAC HT, the BHA can be deployed in multiple stages as follows:

    • Lower BHA assy made up to the Deployment System and positioned in the lubricator.
    • Connect upper (male) section of CARSAC, Check Valve & Connector to coiled tubing.
    • Upper string is lowered onto lower BHA section and connected via the CARSAC
    • Lower BHA section below the BOP & close pipe rams around the Deployment Bar creating a seal between the well and surface.
    • Close ball valves on the Dual Ball Kelly Cock and bleed off the remaining pressure in the upper string.
    • Separate the CARSAC leaving the female lower sub facing upwards.
    • Make up remaining BHA with upper male section of CARSAC and stab into the lower BHA section.
    • Open BOP pipe rams and the complete BHA can then be run in hole. 


    When ordering Deployment Systems please specify:

    • Size
    • Thread connection
    • Waisted to suit B.O.P. Diameter
    • Length of reduced diameter required