• Safety Pipe Wrench


    The NOV Safety Pipe Wrench provides a safe and effective means to manually make and break tool joint connections on Downhole tools. The wrench is designed using lightweight, ductile, material and eliminates the risk of unexpected catastrophic wrench failure that is commonly experienced while torqueing with other brand pipe wrenches. The balanced aluminum alloy carry-handle has been ergonomically designed and features four gripping locations for easy handling.
    To further enhance the safety and reliability of the NOV Safety Pipe Wrench, NOV recommends the use of a digital Alarmed Load Scale to measure the force applied to the wrench while applying torque to a connection. The scale has an 80db audible alarm that sounds once a pre-programmed force had been reached and will reduce the risk of overloading the wrench when tightening tool joint connections.
    Inquiries, please contact your local NOV sales representative or email: DH-ServiceEquipment@nov.com.

    • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Handle – Almost 5 lbs lighter than a standard 60” Pipe Wrench
    • Up To 8” Outside Diameter (O.D.) Tong Areas – Completely replaces the need for standard wrenches
    • No Critical Load Bearing Cast Parts – Tool yield is predictable
    • Only Ductile Alloy Materials Used – Brittle failures are no longer a concern
    • Industry Leading Load Rating – 8,500 ft-lbs (3” - 8” O.D. Parts), 6,500 ft-lbs (0 - 3” O.D. Parts)
    • Easily Inspected – Tool designed for easy disassembly and inspection
    • Balanced Carry Handle – Oriented for use with load scale and crane
    • Fewer Pinch Points Than Competition