• Low-Marking Soft Shoe Jaws


    The Bowen patented "soft shoe" design is the result of extensive testing and employs a separate jaw insert for each diameter pipe. These inserts cover in excess of 90% of the diameter where the pipe is gripped. Unlike other soft grip devices, which merely wrap around the pipe, our design uses a rubber cushion behind the insert which distributes the gripping forces uniformly around the pipe. This feature eliminates the tendency to "bite" the pipe with the leading edge of the insert as torque is applied. Instead, the flexible gripping pads gently mold themselves to the various irregularities of the pipe.
    Our Low-Marking Soft Shoe Jaw system is designed for high production premium pipe and casing bucking applications. This system requires no special cleaning, preparation or handling of the pipe, casing or couplings. The gripping patterns created by the Low-Marking Soft Shoe Jaw system are nothing more than superficial marks. This system will leave no upset material on the pipe surface, and eliminates the need to remove sharp edges that might become a safety concern.