• Jar Testers


    The Griffith Jar Tester is a rugged, self-contained unit designed to test the proper operation of fishing jars, drilling jars, and other downhole drilling tools. The horizontal main frame and attached hydraulic cylinder efficiently applies tension and compression forces in direct axial alignment with the work piece.

    The Griffith Jar Tester is designed to stand alone or to be an accessory to the Griffith Torquemaster. The auxiliary circuit on the Torquemaster console will provide the proper hydraulic power and control for effective operation of the Jar Tester. The Jar Tester can also be powered with its own hydraulic system or with an existing source providing it has adequate performance.

    To test a tool in the jar tester, test nubbins are first threaded into the tool connections. The tool can then be placed into the jar tester frame after the tail carriage and head carriage have been adjusted to accommodate tool length. Tension or compression force can then be applied to the tool through the test nubbins. The force being applied to the tool can be varied using the "torque control" valve on the Torquemaster (or equivalent) and force readings can be determined by comparing "PSI" (indicated on torque gauges or equivalent) to a Griffith supplied conversion chart.