• TorqueMasterâ„¢ Machine


    The Torquemaster is a self-contained hydraulic make-up and break-out machine designed for fast, safe, and dependable maintenance of tools and motors in either workshop or drill site locations. The basic machine consists of a bed complete with a fixed headstock chuck, a moveable tailstock chuck that applies the torque, and a hydraulic console unit.

    Torquemaster Training Courses
    Torquemaster Training Courses are an ideal way for you to learn safety and maintenance procedures. This course is designed for engineers, technical staff, and any other personnel involved with the use of the Torquemaster Break-Out Machine.


    The torque is produced by two hydraulic cylinders which rotate the tailstock chuck through a 30 degree arc. Break-out torque is greater than make-up torque at the same operating pressure due to the differential areas of the rod and head sides of the pistons. The Torquemaster requires no anchors or special mounting facilities since the torque forces are resisted by the base frame.

    Synchronized Gripping Force
    The headstock and tailstock each contain six radially arranged heavy duty clamping cylinders. Each piston rod is fitted with a replaceable tong die. The hydraulic system is designed to move the work piece regardless of weight or diameter. The gripping force is in direct proportion to the applied torque, preventing damage to thin-walled components.

    A freestanding console contains the hydraulic power unit, operating controls, and torque gauges. The console has enough hydraulic capacity for the basic functions of the machine as well as a number of optional hydraulic accessories which make the machine easier to use and extend its capabilities.

    Powered Tailstock Traverse
    The operator controls the movement of the tailstock from the console, which allows the work to get done efficiently and safely. The tailstock is designed to carry a balanced load of up to 5,000 lbs.


    Product Support
    National Oilwell Varco offers technical support for the Griffith Torquemaster, the Peck-O-Matic Bucking Units, and all other accessories worldwide. This includes

    • Commissioning
      National Oilwell Varco technicians are available upon request to travel to your workshop to set-up and commission your machine. Commissioning includes training operators and maintenance personnel on proper machine operation, safety procedures, general maintenance, and service procedures.
    • Training
      National Oilwell Varco offers a training program that was developed to promote safe operation and proper maintenance of the Torquemaster product series. The program consists of three different levels taught by engineers and master service technicians.
    • Calibration
      National Oilwell Varco has skilled service technicians available to calibrate your machine anywhere in the world on an annual or semi-annual schedule according to your requirements.
    • Repairs and Service
      National Oilwell Varco technicians are strategically located throughout the world to provide timely onsite repairs and service.
    • Upgrades and Retrofits
      Available upon request
    • Custom Applications
      Custom Design services are available


    Optional Accessories:

    Available Bed Lengths
    The standard machine is 12 feet long with 14, 16, and 18 foot lengths available if required. Please inquire regarding any other length. Specify as required.

    Headstock and Tailstock Extension Beams, Complete with Hydraulic Support Jacks
    These extend the working length of the machine and reduce the need for additional handling equipment once the tool is in the machine. The operator controls the height of the jacks from the console. Specific lengths are required for the beams and locations for the jacks.

    Hydraulic Push/Pull Cylinder
    The hydraulic push/pull cylinder is mounted on an extension beam on either end of the Torquemaster and is used to insert or remove rotors from stators, etc.

    Hydraulic Spinner
    Mounted on either the headstock or tailstock, the hydraulic spinner allows the operator rapid spin-up or spin-out of hand tight connections.
    Available models:

    • Model 1397 medium torque to 1,500 lb-ft at 14" dia.
    • Model 1374 high torque to 2,340 lb-ft at 14" dia.

    Jar Tester
    The jar tester can be controlled via the consol as well, with no need to have a separate hydraulic power unit. Specify the hose length needed to suit your location.

    Digital Torque Logger
    This option provides a digital display of the torque and a written record of torque values. Various models are available. Please consult section on Torque Loggers.