• 8079 Mini Service Center


    The Mini Service Center provides a safe and easy way to make up and break out connections on small tools. This small service center uses main components from Mini Tong (Little Jerk) mounted in a rigid frame. This arrangement makes applying torque easy and fast.


    The Mini Service Center has an open mouth design and can clamp 1-11/16" to 3-1/2" outside diameters, including joints with different diameters on either side of the connection. There is no need to change dies in order to torque different diameters with this unit. When dies do get worn they can be easily changed.
    The Mini Service Center can be connected to an existing shop hydraulic power unit or purchased with an optional electric powered hydraulic pressure unit. In addition, this unit has the capability of printing stickers that can be attached to the torques connection with the following information:
    Tools identification
    Joint description
    Torque required
    Torque applied
    Service person ID
    Date of servicing