• NOV Downhole Service Centers

    Dependable Product Support Worldwide
    National Oilwell Varco is the world’s largest manufacturer of torque equipment used for servicing threaded tubular connections. With a global leadership position, our Torquemaster™ and Peck-O-Matic™  products are being used worldwide by over 165 companies in more than 70 countries, the Service Equipment group at NOV Downhole is dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their equipment.
    At NOV Downhole, we understand the important role this equipment plays in our customers’ business as we are the only supplier that uses it every day in our own service operations. We are your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service and parts provider and are committed to standing by our products and our customers. Our service and inventory stocking locations are strategically placed around the world, enabling us to provide global support from over 50 specially trained technicians.

    The NOV Downhole Global Field Service Group offers installation and commissioning services of new units, calibration, repairs, and preventative maintenance packages of existing units, as well as repair and refurbishment of aging and worn out units. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get the most of your Service Equipment.


    Installation and Commissioning

    Our commitment to providing the highest quality product to our customers does not end when it’s delivered to your door. We also offer our expertise in the proper installation and commissioning of new or relocated units.

    Calibration Services

    Regular calibration is the only way to ensure your connection equipment is consistent in applying the proper torque to your connections. NOV uses calibrated reaction torque meters with NIST traceable standards for connection tool calibrations. These calibration meters and procedures provide NOV the ability to calibrate your connection equipment to a high degree of accuracy. NOV recommends that all connection equipment be calibrated and serviced at least once a year.  Our Service Technicians are strategically located globally and outfitted with all needed equipment to exceed your expectations.

    Repairs and Spare Parts

    From the simplest to the most challenging repair job, NOV specially trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to provide the highest level of technical support. We offer OEM spare parts required to maintain your machines strict adherence to OEM specifications. Whether you’ve had your machine for one year or 20, making NOV part of your regular maintenance schedule will ensure the maximum performance of your equipment.

    Preventive Maintenance Programs

    NOV can provide preventative maintenance that will allow for the state and efficient operation of your connection equipment. A regular maintenance schedule is critical for safe operation in order to prevent equipment failure and prolong the life of each unit. We will work with you to create a custom preventative program that has been specially designed to account for your equipment usage and your shop schedule and will minimize unscheduled downtime to maximize your production.


    NOV offers training programs developed to ensure safe operation and proper maintenance of the tubular connection and tubular testing equipment. These training programs are multilevel and are taught by Master Service Technicians on-sight at our NOV training facilities. Select courses are also available for onsite instruction at customer locations.