• Mobile Solutions

    Downhole has the capability to offer mobile service equipment solutions for use in remote locations. This portability can be applied  our TorqueMaster™, Peck-O-Matic™ Bucking, various thru tubing equipment and related service equipment.
    These portable Service Solutions increase drilling efficiency by:
    • Ensuring that critical connections are torqued to their required value and minimizing the possibility of a connection backing off downhole 
    • Enabling adjustment of BHA and/or tool configurations offline and on-the-fly, allowing the rig to be more responsive to what’s happening downhole 
    • Eliminating transport time and transport cost of tools to-and-from service centers
    • Adding onsite bucking operations to increase drilling efficiency
    • Enabling direct supervision and communication with service personnel for accurate connections and better time management
    To ensure that your company gets everything you need, and nothing you don’t, Downhole presents a tiered product offering of Mobile Service Solutions.
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