• LogMaster 1


    The Log Master 1 is an automated data-logging device, which has been specifically designed to operate in the harsh environment of a workshop. All functions of this unit are accessed through the use of an industrial grade touch screen, which makes for an extremely user-friendly product.
    During make-up or break-out the unit will record the value of torque being applied. A report is created and can be printed on the integral printer at the time, or if the operator wishes, these torque values can be stored and printed at a later date. Software and interconnect cables are also included. These cables allow for data stored on the Log Master 1 to be downloaded and transferred to a PC.
    Log Master 1 is compatible with all National Oilwell Varco break-out machines including the Torquemaster™, Torquemaster™ Jr., TorqueproMini-Torque II, and Little Jerk Mini Tong.
    Log Master 1 will operate on the following electrical supply:
    100-240 VAC
    5-60 Hz
    5 Amps Single Phase
    If this is required, transformer size 100VA is recommended.