• Log Master II Continuous Rotation (CR) System

    A simple and accurate way for bucking unit operators to ensure the connections they are making are being torqued to the correct values.



    Developed on our Peck-O-Matic™ line of bucking units, the Log Master II CR is an industrial threaded connection logging system for hydraulic style bucking units. The LogMaster II CR system displays and records torque and automatically creates a tool report PDF that includes connection-specific information and a torque vs. time plot. The system features enhanced operator usability with a graphical user interface to match workflows.

    To achieve the greatest results, we offer individualized, custom installations. 

    With the Log Master II CR, you can:


    • Capture premium and  API threaded connection parameters 
    • Access the pre-loaded customizable connection library
    • Log data points in as little as 10 ms intervals
    • Display RPM, maximum torque, and shoulder torque information
    • Overlay torque vs. turn and torque vs. time on the same chart



    Tool and connection reports – Automated datalogging and reporting tools display applied torque in PDF for easy transfer and viewing; logs both external and internal connections

    User-friendly – Searchable database allows the user to search by tool serial number, date of operation, or operator name 

    Enhanced accessibility – Local and remote database storage are accessible through 12 in. color display touchscreen; wireless remote control allows access from tablet or laptop PC 

    Automated capabilities – Torque values and work flow changes can be made automatically inside the database 

    Integrated database – Customer-specific connections and notes can be added to the connections database 

    Withstands harsh workshop environment – Fully sealed, thick aluminum case with Lexan™ screen panel offers extended protection