• NOV Certified

    When one of our tools arrives at your drill site, you’re getting more than just another piece of equipment. You’re getting countless hours of research, design, testing, and improvement. You’re getting the years of experience in the hands of our engineers, machinists, and technicians. And you’re getting a partner in NOV.

    During every moment in the life of our tools, we’re committed to superior performance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We’re committed to quality. Because the integrity of our solutions is the integrity of our company. When our solutions arrive at a drill site, we want to deliver performance—so you can.


    With NOV Certified, we want to show you everything that goes into the tools and equipment we’ve designed and manufactured to meet your needs in the field.


    From the birth of an idea through the final delivery to your drill site, we want highly qualified people endorsing each aspect of our solutions and guaranteeing the integrity of our tools. Through training, experience, competency, and individual ownership, we improve the production of our equipment so you can improve the production of your operation.


    Our Track-A-Tool System lets us keep track of everything about our tools. It stores serial numbers, run hours, lifetime limits, and material certifications for every rental asset. This system gives us incredible insight into the ways you use our tools, and we use that to engineer future technology, improve upon current designs, and better support our current products.


    We maintain our tools in NOV Certified service facilities incorporating our eShop concept. By integrating RFID tags, Downhole Tool Monitors (DTM), and the Electronic Document System (EDS) with our Track-A-Tool system, we’re able to improve the efficiency and quality of our service. We can even manage predictive maintenance so components at or near their wear or hour threshold can be repaired or replaced as necessary—and before they fail.


    Over the last 170 years, we’ve had a lot of success, but still we strive to improve. We’re always learning, raising our standards, and getting better through purposeful innovation. Our teams of engineers monitor all trends affecting tools, so we can deliver tool improvements based on these trends and your feedback.

    NOV Certified brings this all together to increase dependability and improve efficiency for you. These are all things that we’ve been doing for years. It’s reliability with every turn.