• Flow Activated Multi-Shot Tubing End Locator


    The Flow Activated Multi-Shot Tubing End Locator can be used as part of the standard tool string assembly to locate the end of the production tubing for depth correlation.


    The Tubing End Locator is flow activated and therefore offers the ability to 're-tag' the end of the tubing as many times as required without the need to retract from the well for redress.


    The tool is flow activated by surface pump volume and pressure, and the force required to pull through the tubing end can therefore be infinitely varied.


    The Hydraulic Tubing End Locator is available in a range of toolstring sizes, with fingers to suit the tubing i.d. as required.




    • Design allows multiple 're-tagging'
    • Fingers retract within body diameter
    • Flow or drop ball activated
    • Optional external fish neck 


    When ordering Flow Activated Multi-Shot Tubing End Locators please specify:

    • Size
    • Thread connection