• Bowen™ Coarse Thread Safety Joint




     The Bowen™ Coarse Thread Safety Joint allows quick release from the following strings should they become stuck: 

    • Drilling
    • Fishing
    • Testing
    • Washover
    • Tubing

    This leaves minimal pipe in the hole, thereby reducing the problems of fishing or sidetracking. The new design is simple, eliminating the need of a release ring mechanism and lengthy disengagement procedures.


    The Safety Joint has a rugged coarse thread design which will not loosen or wedge during operation. Once in the string the Safety Joint is resistant to vibration, heavy loads, and left or right-hand torque. The tool will disengage by simple left hand rotation at approximately 40% of the tool's right-hand make-up torque. O-ring packers above and below threads seal against internal and external fluid pressures. Both packers are rated for all normal pump pressures in continuous service.


     The Safety Joint is available in a full range of sizes, types, lengths, etc. Bowen will manufacture the tool to fit customer's exact requirements. Three specific types are available as follows: 

    • Drill Pipe Safety Joints with tool joint connections, O.D. and I.D. correspond to those of tool joints.
    • Tubing Safety Joints (not shown) with tubing connections: O.D. same as O.D. of coupling; I.D. same as I.D. of tubing string.
    • Washover Safety Joints (not shown) run between drill pipe and washover string, have tool joint box in Safety Joint Pin Section, and washover string pin on Safety Joint Box Section. Diameters conform to those in use on washover pipe.