• Blak-JAK Pressure Indicator Light

    The new NOV Mission Blak-JAK Pressure Indicator light ensures optimum life of washpipe packing, while at the same time providing a 12-36 hour warning before packing failure.

    The Blak-JAK Pressure Indicator light adds value through the following:

    • Reduced risk exposure for rig floor personnel

    • Compatibility to virtually all conventional topdrives

    • Field proven reliability at pressures up to 7500 psi

    Packing rings in the lower rotating housing of a washpipe cartridge fail sequentially. Once the third packing ring begins to leak and the fourth packing ring energizes, the light will begin to strobe; this indicates that the washpipe packing needs to be replaced at the soonest opportunity. The early warning provided by the Blak-JAK Pressure Indicator light can consistently prevent mud leakage and unnecessary downtime. For more information contact your NOV Mission representative.


    Added Value

    • Optimized washpipe packing run times

    • Reduced maintenance down time

    • Reduced operational costs



    • 50 hour battery life after the Pressure Indicator light begins to strobe

    • Field tested in real world drilling conditions

    • Strobe is clearly visible in bright sunlight


    Simple Compact Design

    • At a weight of less than one pound it adds no significant weight to the cartridge

    • Reverse compatibility to all rotary swivels and topdrives