• Blak-JAK 7500 Washpipe Cartridge Systems

    National Oilwell Varco’s new Mission Blak-JAK 7500 psi washpipe cartridge system is a self-contained unit that is designed to be repacked on the rig floor, not at the swivel.

    Once the assembly has been repacked, the single cartridge can be installed in the swivel quickly just by tightening the nuts to the goose-neck and swivel. A spanner bar is utilized to tighten the nuts, eliminating the use of hammers. Since the packing does not rotate with the nuts on installation, most of the installation can be accomplished by hand. This cartridge is also 25% lighter than OEM designs to aid in maneuverability at the swivel and on the rig floor. Since the installation of washpipe packing is accomplished on the rig floor and not at the swivel, personnel time aloft is greatly reduced thereby promoting a safer workplace.


    • Quick change cartridge system

    • 25% lighter than competing designs for ease of maneuverability

    • Cartridge assembly and disassembly is simple and quick

    • Cartridge is repacked on the rig floor not at the swivel

    • Can utilize the OEM 7500 PSI washpipe and packing used in the conventional assembly

    • Eliminates the need for hammers

    • Reduces personnel time aloft for a safer workplace