• TDX-1500 Top Drive

    The TDX-1500 is the latest incarnation of our successful TDX Top Drive product offering.


    Leveraging from the success of the TDX-1000 and TDX-1250 this unit is designed around the same key design principles: Safety, Reliability, Redundancy and Modularity.

    The TDX-1500’s compact design offers an industry leading hoisting capacity of 1500t and handles the extreme demands required by the latest generation of ultra deepwater and 20k ready drilling rigs.


    • 20,000 psi IBOP’s
    • 1500 ton hoist
    • Bi-directional and redundant link tilt position feedback
    • Dual ball hydraulically actuated IBOP
    • 30 minute IBOP swap-out
    • “Quik-Lok” tool joint locks
    • Elevated loops, for improved drill floor visibility
    • Water cooled 1340 hp AC Induction motors
    • “FlexFit” Link adapter (accepts 350-1500t standard links)
    • “X-Clamp” 4 point pipe grabber
    • Removable main shaft