• TDX-1000 Top Drive

    The TDX-1000 is the latest addition to the National Ollwell Varco TDX top drive family.


    As the drilling industry moves toward more reliable and durable machines designed to reduce any off contract maintenance, the TDX-1000 addresses that need. The TDX-1000 differs from other 1 ,000 ton machines In that it is built around enhanced reliability, redundancy, and modularity, including IBOP stack, rotating head swivel, drilling motors, mainshaft, and swivel packing design. When uptime and high performance is not just needed but demanded, the only choice is the TDX-1000.

    The advantage of the NOV TDX-1000 is that it retains all the features of the TDX-1250 but minimizes package size. It is smaller, lighter, and more durable than its competition by a wide margin. This top drive can be incorporated into existing rigs without major modification. This tool is ideally suited for a high specification, new build project, and, also due to its package size and ease of integration, is a very economical way to greatly enhance the drilling performance of existing platforms.


    • Next Iteration of TDX top drive family
    • Quiet Water cooled AC motors
    • "X-Clamp" 4-point pipe grabber
    • Electric Inductive Slip Ring
    • "SwingClear" IBOP handling system
    • Short stack-up to minimize derrick height
    • Dual Ball Upper IBOP
    • Leveraging success of TDX-1250
    • Guiding Philosophies: reliability, redundancy, modularity
    • Maximum up-time
    • Minimum size
    • Simplified operation, maintenance and repair
    • Modular features
    • Superior performance


    TDX-1000 Specs

    • 1,OOO ton hoisting; 1,074 ton API rotating
    • 2 x1 , 150 hp water-cooled AC motors
    • 91 ,000 ft-lb continuous Drilling Torque up to 116
    • RPM, 150,000ft-lb Break-OutTorque
    • Floating and Removable Main Shaft with "NC77"
    • Main shaft Connection
    • 2,000 hp topdrive
    • 3-3/4" 7,500 PSI Mud Course, 7,500 PSI NOV
    • Mechanical Washpipe System
    • 4 Jaw Connection Back-Up Grab (X-Grip)
    • Accepts 350 Ton to 1000 Ton Standard Links