• TDS-8SA Top Drive

    The TDS-8SA is the drilling industry’s most prolific top drive.


    To date, over 100 units have been delivered and are in service today. This staple of the offshore drilling industry has been in service and proved its reliability for over a dozen years.

    The TDS-8SA is ideally suited for upgrades to your existing platform. As one of the industry’s first AC electric top drive, this tool has proven time and time again the drilling performance advantages of using AC technology.

    Over the years, this tool has been fitted in dozens of applications both onshore and offshore. It’s unique applicability has made it the tool of choice for small jack-ups to even the first activity drill ships. Its high torque and durable nature have been chosen to work on land rigs as well.

    The TDS-8SA’s reputation, built on years of durability and service, have made it the first call for large bore top drives.


    • 750 ton hoisting capacity (API 8C)
    • 1x 1,150 hp AC motor
    • 7,500 PSI working pressure
    • Max Continuous Torque 67,000+ ft-lbs
    • Max RPM: 260