• Fixed Electric Top Drives

    In today's offshore environment where uptime is critical, drilling contractors and operators are demanding top drive systems that work every time, all the time.

    We provide a complete line of top drive systems for all types of fixed installations - from the typical production platform to the largest deepwater exploration vessels. You can count on our top drive systems to be there for you every time, all the time.

    Offshore Engineering Advancements

    Our top drive systems have been at the forefront of offshore drilling for decades and that experience has driven us to provide world-class drilling systems that are rugged, reliable and offer the performance needed for today's demanding well profiles. Typical features of the fixed installation top drive system include top drives that run on fixed guide rails in the derrick, permanent services installations and integrated control systems. These installations are designed to install one-time and remain there for years. That's why our engineers spend countless hours designing, refining and optimizing our top drive systems to be the most durable and most reliable on the market.

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