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    Continuing to push drilling boundaries


    We offer the widest range and variety of Top Drive systems in the world, providing you with the best selection of models to fit your specific drilling needs. Today, these products range from the smallest hydraulic power swivels to the largest AC-powered offshore drilling systems available. Our high performance, reliable Top Drives offer the best long-term value to you and your customers. See how we put them to work on our Land Drilling Rig packages.

    Making History

    Since 1841, we have dedicated our time and resources to producing the highest quality oilfield products and services to help you get the job done efficiently and safely. From a spare part to a comprehensive drilling system, from rig-up to on-site support, we are here to assist you throughout the whole drilling process. Our top drive line continues to grow today from the strong foundation laid decades ago.

    Integrating Technology

    In 2012, we introduced the TDS-11SH top drive, delivering 1,100 horse power through two permanent magnet motors and capable of hoisting 500 tons while providing 51,000 ft-b of continuous torque at 110 RPM.

    In addition, to the technological advancements of our overall top drive line, we also developed software that integrates seamlessly for optimized performance.

    • SoftSpeed™ II  helps cure and prevent torsional stick-slip oscillations of the drill string over a wide range of conditions, including extremely long wells where competitive systems normally fail.
    • Twister™ assists the top drive in rotating the drill string through desired angles of rotation to provide improved performance of directional BHAs without adding costly pieces of equipment.

    With you every step of the way

    Aftermarket Services: Uptime and reliability is key to your success.
    We are your partner for the full lifecycle of your equipment. Our aftermarket team helps you maximize uptime and improve performance in drilling operations around the globe.

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