• Pipe Transfer Conveyor PTC

    The Pipe Transfer Conveyor (PTC-LD) is a light duty conveyor with an attached Tailing Arm Assembly allowing transports of drilling tubulars between their storage location on the pipe deck and well-center without manual intervention from the rig crew.


    The unit may be remotely operated from the rigs main control cabin through an integrated control system or operated locally from a local control station.

    The PTC has two main sections: Conveyor & Tailing Arm Assembly



    Transport of tubulars and risers

    Max weight allowed (lbs)


    Tubular Range

    2 3/8'' - 20''

    Max weight on tailing arm (lbs)


    Belt speed (ft/sec)

    1.0 - 2.5

    Hydraulic power required (psi)

    2,500 - 3,000