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    The Vertical Riser Handling System is a package designed for marine drilling rig applications.


    Vertical Riser Handling

    The Vertical Riser Handling System is a package designed for marine drilling rig applications. It provides remote operated machinery for moving slip joints and marine risers from the vertical storage position to Well Center, together with the top drive and traveling equipment.

    The vertical riser handling system consists of the following main parts:

    • Riser Handling Crane (RHC)
    • Riser Fingerboard Locks
    • Riser Chute
    • Riser Tail-In Arm
    • Control Cabin (mounted on crane)

    The Riser Handling Crane handles the marine risers from the vertical storage area to the Riser Chute. A Riser Tail-In arm guides the tail end of the riser from the Chute to Well Center, reducing the need for a large slot in the rig floor. The Tail-In arm is mounted under the Top Drive Guide Rails, working together with block retraction.

    The Winch/Riser-Handling Crane is electrically powered. All controls are remote operated from the operator cabin mounted on the crane.

    The RHC includes an HPU for operation of a Hydraulic Riser Running Tool.

    Vertical Riser Handling System - Technical Data:

    • Riser Crane - Riser / Slip joint maximum OD: 46" (1,168 mm) (Typical)
    • Riser Crane - Lifting Height: 14'-9" (4,500 mm)
    • Riser Crane - SWL: 66.140 lb (30.000 kg)
    • Riser Crane - Lifting Pad Eye: 22.046 lb (10.000 kg)
    • Riser Crane - Electrical requirements, main power (motors, utility): 97 kW, 440 VAC, 60 Hz, 3ph
    • Riser Chute - Push Cylinder Capacity: 66.140 lb (30.000 kg)
    • Riser Chute - Guiding Trolley, Constant upward tension: 2.205 lb (1.000 kg)
    • Riser Chute - Hydraulic Requirements: 200 l/m @ 210 bar
    • Riser Tail-In Arm - Hydraulic Requirements: 200 l/m @ 210 bar
    • Riser Finger Lock - Hydraulic Requirements: 70 l/m @ 210 bar


    Riser Gantry Crane

    National Oilwell Varco designs and delivers Gantry Cranes for pipe and/or riser handling on both offshore and land installations.  The design is that of conventional gantry cranes, running on rails on each side of the riser/pipe deck area.  It has synchronized rack and pinion drives on both legs. The Gantry Crane picks up the pipe or riser from the rack and delivers it to the Catwalk Machine. It also picks up the pipe or riser from the Catwalk Machine and returns it to the rack area. 

    The Gantry Crane is available with various lifting devices, such as gripper yoke, magnet yoke, twist gripper or riser capture tool, each allowing hands-free pick-up of pipes or risers. Lifting devices, together with the stabilizers, increase safety when handling tubular.  All components are designed for offshore duty and rough working conditions. The Gantry Crane is available as all-electric or electric/hydraulic with integrated HPU.

    Riser Gantry Crane - Features and Benefits:

    • Reliable design, built for rough handling
    • Safe transport of tubular from pipe/riser deck to catwalk
    • Stabilizers guide lowering and hoisting
    • Serves entire range of tubular with use of different lifting devices (limited only by SWL and railspan)
    • Ability to serve entire pipe/riser deck area
    • Comfortable, integrated operator's chair
    • Easy access for maintenance


    Riser Gantry Crane - Specifications:

    • Weight:  17000 kg
    • Pipe Sizes: 2⅞”-30”
    • Pipe Lengths: Range 3 Singles-Range 3 Doubles
    • Riser Sizes: As required
    • Riser Lengths: 50"-90" Joints
    • SWL: 30 mt-40 mt typical
    • Horizontal Travel: As required
    • Control: Hyraulic Remote Control/Belt Mounted Control

    Note: The above specifications are typical, as each Gantry Crane is normally tailor made according to client requirements.