• Wireline Riser Tensioners (WRT)

    The riser tension system compensates for the heave, pitch, and roll of the vessel by applying a vertical force to the top of the marine drilling riser. This provides stability to the riser and controls its stresses, displacements, and angles. Located on the drilling vessel near the periphery of the drill floor, the system provides tension to the riser while the floating drilling vessel moves in response to the wind, waves, and current.



    Our wireline riser tensioners maintain constant tension using a series of wire ropes connected to a tension ring. The versatile system allows you to arrange the cylinders to fit your specific layouts and purposes. The tensioners limit rod speed in the event of hydraulic flow shut-off or a sudden loss of load, such as a parted wire rope or parted tensioner shackle. All systems include an anti-recoil control system to limit riser and tensioner speeds during an emergency disconnect.

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